August 30, 2013

Our pre-school sponsorship program is now live! Please share this link with anyone who might be interested.

MCM Sponsorship Page

August 4, 2013

Dear Friends:

WE MADE IT!!! : )

We are feeling a bit spent - but are so grateful to have run this race to the end!

Thank you to EVERY ONE who allowed God to work through you to make these last six weeks of camp possible. We know that God used hundreds of people to provide everything which was needed to complete English Camp 2013. From backpacks, school supplies, and hygiene items to a copier, craft supplies, and sports equipment. Chocolate chips, butter, and M&Ms to mosquito spray and socks. God has been so gracious and merciful to us and we are especially grateful for every person who was able to come and serve in Haiti.

Lastly, thank you for praying for us. God has provided us with direction, safety, healing, and a wonderful team of servant leaders.

Please pray for us as we seek to cover the remaining expenses - that we will rest in God's faithful provision and perfect timing.

We are attaching some pictures from our graduation ceremonies (we held 5 of them) which will hopefully give you a taste of these last two days.

With much love,

Byron and Shelley, Andrew, Chelsey, Katie Grace, Joe, Ben, Dom, Isabelle, Jeff, Emmanuel and Patrick, Sue, James, Emily, Alex, Ethan, Mollie, Meghan, Heidi, Rayna, Sarah, Katie B., and Fritz, Jenny, Katy, Robyn, Anthony and Silbret

July 30, 2013

Dear Friends:

Our summer has sped by!

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for helping to cover the financial costs of English Camp and the Children's Home. A huge praise: $3,165 has come in to help pay for the "Jesus Storybook Bibles" which are in Kreyol - and which will be included in the children's backpacks this year!!

We are into the last week of English Camp 2013. We are a bit weary, and we have had more challenges than we bargained for this last week or so. We would appreciate your prayers for us as we finish up the last three days of camp, and celebrate graduation.

Will you please pray for:
Continued safety and health - especially for Isabelle who is now on the mend after being sick with a high fever for 5 days.
Wisdom - as we make final decisions for graduation: including what each backpack will include, graduation ceremonies, and camp t-shirts, that every decision we make would honor Jesus.
Courage - to boldly proclaim the gospel and God's love, taking advantage of every remaining opportunity.
Strength - to finish STRONG!
Provision - for upcoming payroll expenses of $7,000 and $1,500 to cover the remaining costs of the Jesus Storybook Bibles.
Unity - within the body of believers who is serving together here in Haiti.
Our faith to grow and develop more fully - so that we will trust God with every concern, and find complete rest in HIM.
JOY - which overflows and shines the light of God's presence within our home and at camp.
Hearts will be drawn to Jesus Christ, and lives will be changed - both ours and the children's.

God continues to go before us, walk beside us, and be our rear guard. Life has thrown a lot of mud at us recently - but God is FAITHFUL!!! We LOVE Him and are so grateful to have this opportunity to serve Him here in Haiti. Thank you for committing to serve Him together with us in Haiti. We trust that God will take the prayers and gifts which we offer Him and multiply them for His glory.

With much love from the (current) Haiti crew:

Byron, Shelley, Sue, Andrew, Chelsey, Katie Grace, Ben, Joe, Dom, Isabelle, James, Emmanuel, Jeff, and Patrick, Alex, Emily, Heidi, Meghan, Mollie, Ethan, Rayna, Sarah, Jenny, Katie, Silbret, Anthony, Robyn, Katie B., Fritz, Sam & Sarah, and Jen and John

PS Just had to add a few pictures of some beautiful children! Sure wish you could be here to see them and their activities in person. : ) Maybe next year God will call you to serve at English Camp!

Donations to Maranatha Childrens Ministries may be made online at or by mail to:

Maranatha Childrens Ministries
c/o Nichols Accounting Group
5680 E Franklin Rd., Suite 110
Nampa, ID 83687


English Camp - Week 2 Update!

We are amazed at how quickly the time is passing. Although the days often feel long - we are just about finished with our second week of English Camp. WOW!

God has been faithful - and we are excited to share just a bit of what He has done for us these last two weeks.

We praise God for:
- 365 campers and junior counselors.
- the summer interns, volunteers, and teams who He has drawn to serve with us.
- the repair of our generator.
- the gift of a new generator.
- the safety God has provided for the children and those serving at English Camp.
- the timely delivery of produce and other items for meals each day.
- those who have given toward the expenses of English Camp - our expenses are now covered through next Friday.

Every year God uses English Camp to grow and stretch us. This year is no different. We look at what we have of ourselves and see so many things lacking - BUT - God calls us to look to Him, and walk in faith that He will provide what we need. THEN He gives us grace to trust Him one day, one hour, and often in 'this very moment' so that we can press on in His strength.

We feel very impressed to plead with you to pray for us - for Byron, Shelley and Sue who are serving in Haiti full time; for the summer interns - Andrew, Chelsey, Alex, Emily, Meghan, Heidi, Molly, Ethan, Rayna, and Sarah; for the volunteers - currently Stephanie, Karina, and Ruth; and especially for our full-time Haitian staff, English Camp staff of translators, and those who come to participate in the camp program every day - the junior counselors and the campers.

Please pray for:
- hearts to be drawn to Jesus Christ, in new faith, fresh submission, and intimate fellowship.
- God's protection - of every person serving and attending English Camp.
- God's protection - for the children and employees as they come and go from our gates.
- God's direction and discernment as we interact with the children and their parents regarding discipline issues.
- God's continued provision - that He would continue to draw prayer and financial support to cover our needs, specifically $15,000 to pay upcoming expenses for English Camp.
- continued health and encouragement for all serving.
- unity and camaraderie among those serving here at English Camp.

Will you please commit to praying for us? Will you pray that God's love will be manifest in our lives and that the lives of these children and their families will be forever changed for His glory? Will you pray for our protection as we wage war in spiritual realms which we cannot understand?

Thank you for interceding on our behalf. Thank you for walking out this adventure with us. May God be glorified and many hearts be drawn to Him.

With love from the Haiti crew:

Byron, Shelley, Andrew, Chelsey, Katie Grace, Joe, Ben, Dom, Isabelle; Sue; Alex, Emily, Ethan, Molly, Heidi, Meghan, Rayna, Sarah, Stephanie, Ruth, Pastor Louis, and Jean

Contributions may be made by Paypal at, or mailed to:

Maranatha Childrens Ministries
c/o Nichols Accounting Group
5680 E Franklin Rd., Suite 110
Nampa, ID 83687


Summer Update - June 2, 2013

Our God is so good! His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness abounds in every facet of our lives. We are blessed indeed!! And - when we think of His many blessing to us - we always think of you! Thank you for your faithful prayers and generous support which allow us to live and serve in Haiti.

We've got a LOT of catching up to do!! But this email is just a taste of what we'll be sending over the next several days. This is a highlight of our praises and prayer requests.

A great team of co-workers, interns, and employees.
Progress on the adoptions which are in process.
Good health and continued strong development of the children in our home, the children's home, and the preschool. And our good health, too!
A more diligent prayer life.
More and more music in our home.
Interns, volunteers, and supplies in place for English Camp.
Strength and courage to be faithful to keep our trust in God alone - while we honestly share our needs and struggles.
Funds to cover upcoming expenses of employee wages, rent, and English Camp.
Adoptions - those in process will be finished quickly AND God will provide direction for the two children who are not yet in process of adoption.
English Camp - provision of staff, remaining supplies, and financial resources.
We have faced many trials these last months - and are not yet finished with some of them. But, God has made a way for us - and we are looking forward to sharing in more detail over the next several days!!

With love and gratitude,

Byron and Shelley

Easter in Haiti – MCM Style - 2013 - April 7, 2013

Our Easter began early with a drive up the mountain for an Easter Sunrise Service with our friends from Port-au-Prince Fellowship. We had a sweet time of singing and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, followed by treats and fellowship.

The compound where services were located was large with grassy lawns and our children enjoyed the opportunity to run and play. Byron enjoyed watching the sunshine spread across the city. Isabelle was thrilled by the flowers – and I was in a panic as she gifted me with one after another, until I realized that the flowers were everywhere!!

Next we made our way out of the city – the opposite direction- toward the beaches in the north. We enjoyed a day at the beach, lunch of American-style fast food, sand and water. It was a nice time to relax and visit which is often difficult although we spend so much time working together.

We wrapped up Easter at the Tlucek’s home with Byron’s incredible mango smoothies; peanut butter sandwiches prepared by Ciciley, James, Anthony and Danielle; worship led by James and a review of the Resurrection Easter eggs.


Johnley and Isabelle held out as long as they could…..but finally gave in and slept!

We rejoice in the gift and promise of resurrection!!
Thank you, Jesus, for all that you have done to love and care for us – may we ever be mindful of your willingness to give EVERYTHING that we may live with you in heaven FOREVER!!
“For God so loved the world,that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16


March Madness - March 30, 2013

March MADNESS at the Tlucek home
and Maranatha Children’s home!!

For sports fans March Madness means basketball, basketball and more basketball; for us it means birthdays, birthdays and MORE birthdays!! March has been a cake & frosting festival. It all started on March 1st when Sue (children’s home mama) had her birthday. Can you guess her age??

Next was Alexandre; he turned 4 on March 5th. He loved his cupcake, party hat and new “machine.” (truck) Just look at his bright, frosting lined smile.

On March 23rd, Anaika had her 1st birthday; she wasn’t too sure what that “bright thing” was or what to do with presents! We helped her figure it out.

The Tlucek twins, Ben and Joe, turned 12 on March 25th. Their birthday candles and smiles sure lit up the room!

LAST but not least, Dom turned 10 on March 27th. He was very excited, can you tell??

The celebrations of life that we’ve had this month have been wonderful, calorie filled and a ton of fun but we have one more very special life to celebrate on Sunday, March 31st. We will celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life with HIM! Let’s rejoice together as we commemorate the best gift ever!


Starting fresh

Rings with promise and hope, doesn’t it?  A great opportunity to ‘forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead’. 

God has given us an opportunity to live an incredible adventure.  We have been blessed to share many legs of this journey with much-loved family, friends, and co-laborers for Christ.  We have learned a lot – and in the process have learned we don’t know so very much. 

We’re going to take a big step (for us!) and open a window into our lives and ministry here in Haiti.  Not at all sure what you’re going to see – but figure a little bit of surprise is good for all of us!  The main truth we hope to convey through pictures and stories is that we are certain God is good.  Always.  He is faithful.  He is our Shepherd and the Overseer of our souls.  We are safe with Him – and our trust is well-placed when it rests on Him alone.  He is our hope!

It is our hope that we will be able to articulate God’s faithful care of our family and this ministry as we figure out what it means for us to enter the world of ‘blogging’.
Your prayers for us as we serve in Haiti – and work to ‘step up’ our communication – are always appreciated!

With much love and gratitude,

The Tlucek family serving with Sue Spinney, Mackenzie Crawford, Danielle Kranenburg, and Ciciley Fox